Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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PCD & PCBN Tools

Today’ s modern industrial society continues to push the development and uses of new and advanced materials, and high precision machining to new heights. Along with the improvements in production processes and difficulties that arise from machining new and advanced materials, there is an increasing demand for new forms of cutting tools that go beyond the conventional cutting tools such as those made out of high speed steel, tungsten carbides, cermets, and cerarnics.

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  • Piston grooving tools

    Piston grooving tools

    Blades or tools PCD polycrystalline diamond film for grooving aluminum pistons for the automotive sector.

  • Inserts


    PCBN and PCD inserts polycrystalline diamond or polycrystalline CBN intended for hard turning and hard milling of metals and other materials.