Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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Diamond Rotary dressers

High precision diamond tools are the most effective and practical means for most high-tech industries in the modern world to manufacture high precision machine parts, products, and other equipment.

  • Rotary dresser for oblique external grinding

    Rotary dresser for oblique external grindingDiamond rotary dresser for profiling wheels, with diamond grains positioned for dressing and profiling wheels vitrified or resin grinding oblique in-feed grinding for the various stages of the grinding wheel with high precision binder.

  • Rotary dresser for cutting tools

    Rotary dresser for cutting toolsDiamond profiling wheels diamond grit impregnated intended for this case dressing vitrified bonded grinding wheels and resin for applications of cutting tools.

  • Rotary dresser for injection parts

    Rotary dresser for injection partsDiamond rotary dresser for profiling wheels, made in reverse or negative electrolytic plating of high accuracy (+ or-1μm) for profiling high precision vitrified bonded wheels.

  • Rotary dresser for air craft blade

    Rotary dresser for air craft bladeDiamond roll for profiling with high precision negative electroplated (+ or-1 micron) for profiling vitrified bonded wheels and in this case the profiling of grinding or cutting pass into the mass of turbine blades for the aerospace industry .

  • Rotary dresser for ball joint

    Rotary dresser for ball jointDiamond roll for made with diamond grains and positioned for profiling the grinding wheel dressing vitrified or resin Angle grinder allowing for straightening the concave or convex radius of the wheel with high accuracy binder.