Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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  • Diprotex meets all your grinding and polishing requirements

    Diprotex meets all your grinding and polishing requirements, by providing technical products with technical support.
    At Diprotex we are continually offering new abrasive products and technologies, in a broad range of applications though our intensive research and development to face the demands higher efficiences, precision, and cost savings.
    To better service our customers; a global sales and engineering network is in place to service and support your needs of manufacturing in today’s global climate and market place.
    The Diprotex Company, Abrasives, is a blocal, full fine abrasive industry leader, committed to our customers need for technology engineering and service.


  • History

    DIPROTEX® has become an international benchmark for success because of our ability to quickly adapt to the changing market and diverse needs of customers, and by leading the way in applying the most advanced technology for industrial CBN and Diamond products.

    Since 1968, DIPROTEX® has been able to greatly expand its market share throughout the world, because we have established a world reputation of high quality products, service, knowledge and expertise in the industry.

    DIPROTEX® is deeply commited to keep customers up-to-date and equipped
    with the most competitive products and technical information. Our success can only measured by the success of our customers.
    The key of flexibility and strength in the global market are our many alliances with reliable overseas partners and customers troughout the world. DIPROTEX® has
    successfully teamed up with high-tech manufacturers in Europe, Japan, and USA for the research and development of high precision diamond and CBN wheels, rotary dressers.

    The success of a company in today’s world
    depends on their ability to adapt and compete in
    the global marketplace. DIPROTEX® is able to thrive in
    the age of globalization because we are already globalized.
    DIPROTEX® is your partner for success.