Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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Diamond dressers

The importance of dressing and truing abrasive grinding wheels can never be over-emphasized. Dressing will restore the exposure and cutting ability of the abrasives on the wheel surface. Dressing must be performed after truing or whenever the wheel surface becomes locaded or glazed, or has lost its cutting ability. Dressing removes the unwanted residue, such as braze and steel particles, from the wheel surface. Dressing also removes a certain small portion of the bond material and exposes the abrasives, thus allowing for effective cutting action. Trueing is the procedure for eliminating any unwanted "run-out" once the wheel has been mounted. Truing is best done wet. In general, there are four types of dressers:

1) Single point diamond dressers
2) Multi-point diamond dressers
3) Forming diamond dressers
4) Impregnated diamond dressers

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  • Impregnated Diamond Dressers

    Dresseurs à diamants agglomérésDresser diamond or diamond concrete bonded with metal binder for applications in dressing resin bonded abrasive wheels or vitrified large.

  • Forning Diamond Dressers

    Dresseurs diamantés taillés pour le profilagediamond dresser profiling for applications in shaping the wheel as per piece grinded, these dressers are made with natural diamond cut edge or today CVD synthetic polycrystalline diamond, but also MKD monocrystalline diamond, the latter two advantageously used to replace natural diamond that is less used nowadays.

  • Multi-point Diamond Dressers

    Dresseurs diamantés multipointeMulti-point dresser for dressing precision grinding vitrified or resin bonded grinding wheels. These diamond dressing tools can be made ​​in the form of platelets, and therefore we can offer natural diamond, CVD diamond polycrystalline or monocrystalline diamond MKD, the latter two are now increasingly used for more stable, less wear, and possibility adapt the style and number of sticks diamond placed by following dimensions wheel straightening tool.

  • Single-point Diamond Dressers

    Single point diamond dressersDiamond dresser single point diamond natural diamond different carat sizes for the dressing vitrified bonded abrasive wheels or resin for various grinding.