Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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Diamond & CBN grinding wheels

Diamond & CBN Resin bonded wheel

The industrial Revolution was a catalyst in the rapid and gigantic growth of the auto and heavy machinery industries. As more and more "difficult-to-grind" rnaterials and alloys were being used by these industries, the demand for higher quality, effective, and durable machine tools for cutting, grinding, and machining such materials continued to escalate. As a result, superabrasive diamond and cubic boron nitride (CBN) tools were invented to meet the needs of these industries and their heavy requirements.

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  • CBN grinding wheel for lamination rolls

    These CBN grinding wheels are intended for grinding mill rolls hot or cold, cylinder Sendzimir, but also large diameters and lengths, treated hardened steel, high alloy cast iron treated, high-speed steel, sintered tempered.These wheels are also made ​​of diamond for cylinders plasma coated with tungsten carbide or chromium oxide. The bodies of these wheels are made from organic anti-vibration material.

  • Centerless grinding for through feed or in-feed

    Centerless grinding for through feed or in-feedDiamond and CBN wheels in resin bond for centerless grinding of cylindrical parts or bar carbide or hardened steel.

  • Insert tungsten carbide grinding

    Insert t. carbide grindingDiamond and CBN wheels in resin bond for all applications grinding and sharpening cutting tools, carbide and HSS cutting on CNC machines.

  • Flute grinding for cutting tools

    Flute grinding for cutting toolsResin bond diamond grinding wheels for grinding double-sides carbide inserts, diamond grinding wheels to the edge of carbide inserts, diamond grinding wheels for carbide inserts.

  • Double disc grinding

    Double disc grindingDiamond and CBN wheels in resin bonded for grinding double faces in a row or diving, for the fine grinding thicknesses of steel parts treated or other non-ferrous materials treated (ceramics, metal carbides).