Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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Diamond & CBN grinding wheels

Diamond & CBN Vitrified bonded wheel

There is a great demand for special bonded wheels that are harder than both resin and metal bonded wheels, for the use in automated equipment and systems, which both resin and metal bonded wheels will flot suffice.

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  • Double Disc fine grinding

    Meules Diamant et CBN pour la micro-rectification double faces Meules Diamant et CBN pour la micro-rectification double faces Meules Diamant et CBN pour la micro-rectification double facesDiamond Wheels and CBN or vitrified ceramic applications for grinding or micro-grinding two-sided, double-side grinding, fine grinding, lapping. These wheels help ensure roughness and similar geometry to run in, but with similar grinding material removal rate, and for all sectors and virtually unrestricted grindable materials.

  • Injection Nozzle grinding

    Injection Nozzle grindingCBN vitrified wheel for applications cylindrical plunge grinding or stock removal on small steel parts treated as injection needles for the automotive sector.

  • Ball screw grinding

    Ball screw grindingVitrified CBN wheels for grinding ball screw or ball screw nuts, whether external or internal cylindrical grinding binder.

  • PCD/PCBN inserts and tools grinding

    PCD/PCBN inserts and tools grindingVitrified diamond grinding wheels or ceramic for grinding edges of PCD inserts and PCBN grinding or binding thereof, the edge quality obtained after grinding is incomparable.

  • Slot grinding

    Slot grindingCBN vitrified or ceramic wheels for creep-feed slot grinding notches pump impellers, where has slipped palette, including automotive, compressors and binder.

  • Centerless grinding automotive parts

    Centerless grinding automotive partsCBN vitrified wheels or ceramic centerless grinding in a row or diving cylindrical small-diameter parts for the automotive sector, needle bearing, various axes, axes channels.

  • Bearing ring grinding

    Bearing ring grindingCBN vitrified wheels or ceramic for internal grinding bearing including inner rings of ball bearings binder.

  • Compressor grinding

    Compressor grindingCBN vitrified or ceramic for internal grinding of cams for stators compressor pumps, injection pumps or binder.

  • CVJ grinding

    CVJ grindingCBN Vitrified or ceramic bond for any grinding application tracks constant velocity joints or universal joints for the automotive sector.

  • Cam shaft grinding

    Cam shaft grindingCBN Vitrified bonded wheel for high-speed grinding over 80M/S, for camshaft in cast iron treated, with casting or steel treated in the automotive, truck and marine.