Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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RSYN type micron diamond

Monocrystalline synthetic diamond, standard size range.

Appearance :

RSYN diamond is light gray to dark gray in color.

RSYN type micron diamond

Particle structure :

RSYN diamond is formed by high-pressure/high-temperature synthesis. Its monocrystalline structure features major cleavage planes. Compared with other monocrystalline diamond, RSYN particles break under relatively weak pressure parallel to the cleavage planes.

Characteristics :

RSYN diamond is a "resin-bond" type monocrystalline diamond. The particles are relatively brittle and fracture at low pressures. This effect is exploited as a self-sharpening mechanism in resin-bond tools and diamond films.

RSYN sizes are available on request.

Typical applications :

Bonded tools:
 resin-bond grinding tools
 diamond films