Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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MSY type micron diamond

monocrystalline synthetic diamond, precision size range.

Appearance :

MSY diamond is light gray to yellowish or greenish, depending on size.

MSY type micron diamond

Particle structure :

MSY diamond is formed by high-pressure/high-temperature synthesis. The structure of monocrystalline diamond features major cleavage planes, which are oriented parallel to the optical axis. A monocrystalline diamond particle breaks relatively easy parallel to the cleavage planes.

Characteristics :

MSY diamond is a "metal-bond" type monocrystalline diamond. Its precision grading and uniform, blocky particle shape guarantee highly consistent process results.
MSY diamond sizes are commonly used as loose abrasives in lapping and polishing applications or as fixed abrasives in grinding wheels and other tools. In bonded tools, particle fracture acts as a self-sharpening mechanism.

In most lapping and polishing applications, there are only minor differences between monocrystalline synthetic and natural diamond

Typical applications :

Tools and surface applications:
 metal-bond grinding tools
 wear-resistant coatings
 microgrip surfaces
 heat sinks
 sintering of PCD

Lapping and polishing of :
 wire drawing dies
 PCD tools
 diamond gemstones