Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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FG type micron diamond

Mypolex polycrystalline diamond, standard size range.

Appearance :

FG diamond is dark gray to black in color.

FG type micron diamond

Particle structure :

FG diamond is a polycrystalline diamond, formed by explosion synthesis. Each diamond particle consists of countless microcrystallites, about 20 nanometers in size. Polycrystalline diamond features no cleavage planes, which makes the particles tougher, compared to monocrystalline particles.

Characteristics :

FG diamond is particularly suited for high-performance lapping applications.
Thanks to its polycrystalline structure without cleavage planes, FG diamond is considerably stronger than monocrystalline diamond. This allows for higher process pressures and thus increased material removal rates in lapping applications.

For final polishing steps we recommend the use of precision graded DP type polycrystalline diamond. While DP diamond features the same high material removal rate as FG diamond, it produces a better surface quality.

Typical applications :

Lapping of:
 ceramic oxides
 tungsten carbide
 composite materials