Diamond and CBN grinding wheels, Diamond powder

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DP type micron diamond

Mypolex polycrystalline diamond, precision size range.

Appearance :

DP diamond is dark gray to black in color.

DP type micron diamond

Particle structure :

DP diamond is formed by explosion synthesis, leading to a polycrystalline particle structure. Each diamond particle consists of countless microcrystallites, about 20 nanometers in size. Polycrystalline diamond features no cleavage planes, which makes the particles tougher, compared to monocrystalline particles.

Characteristics :

DP diamond is precision graded to tight specifications, making it the preferred choice for high-quality, high-performance applications.

Due to the absence of cleavage planes, DP diamond is equally hard and tough in all directions. This allows for higher process pressures and thus increased material removal rates in lapping and polishing applications.

The rough, micro-structured particle surface leads to higher abrasion rates on both hard and soft materials. The typically blocky and regular particle shape yields better polishing results compared to equally-sized monocrystalline diamond.

Typical applications :

Lapping and polishing of:
 synthetic gemstones
 ceramic oxides
 hard disk media texturing
 hard disk GMR heads
 fiberoptic components
 metalographic specimen
 composite materials
 tungsten carbide
 silicon carbide
 die castings