Mole abrasive diamantate e CBN, Polveri di diamante

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Vidéo : External grinding with new generation CBN wheels - CBN105791

 Application : Cylindrical external grinding
 Wheel sizes: 3A1 Ø500-50T-30U-6X-400J-203,2H7
 Machine: GER
 Coolant: Emulsion 3%
 Wheel speed: 30M/S
 Work-piece speed: 60 100rpm
 Traverse speed: 300 600mm/min
 Work-piece : Cylinder Ø150 x 800mm
 Material: Hardened steel
 Hardness: 55HRC
 Stock removal: 0,1mm/Ø
 Roughness achieved: 0,6 Ra
 Specification CBN wheel used: CB91N75JY13CF
 Results: Time process reduced about 50% compared with usual grinding wheel

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