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Advanced products

  • Overview

    Advanced diamond products not only simplify the production of abrasive slurries.
    There are important technical advantages over dry diamond powder. In ultra-fine polishing processes, scratches caused by diamond agglomerates are eliminated through the use of Diprotex’s unique GAF technology. Likewise, the performance of abrasive slurries can be increased substantially by choosing an intelligent composition of the carrier liquid and customized formulation of additives.

    Diprotex advanced products:

     Liquid Diamond GAF

     Ready-to-use diamond slurries and suspensions

  • Gaf Technologies

    GAF - Guaranteed Agglomerate-Free

    Gaf Technologies

    Diprotex’s unique GAF technology eliminates scratching problems caused by diamond agglomerates. In ultra-fine polishing applications, agglomerates are the main cause for scratched surfaces or inconsistent polishing results.

    Agglomerates are clusters of undispersed diamond particles, often 10 or 20 times the size of an individual particle. The adhesion forces responsible for agglomeration increase with falling particle size, making agglomerates in diamond sizes below 1 micron extremely hard to break up. In polishing applications, agglomerates act similar as oversize particles, that is, particles much larger than an individual particle.

    Diprotex’s GAF technology was developed in response to the need for polishing solutions free of unwanted agglomerates. A proprietary process guarantees that all diamond is dispersed in a single particle distribution, totally free of agglomerates. This helps avoid scratched surfaces and increases the yield of finished products.

    The following Diprotex products are available in GAF technology:

     Liquid Diamond GAF

     Diamond Slurries / Suspensions

    GAF products are now available in both water-based and oil-based systems.

  • Liquid diamond

    Liquid Diamond GAF (Guaranteed Agglomerate-Free) is designed to enable users to prepare diamond slurries with the lowest possible complication and cost. It is successfully used in applications such as HDD texturing, gemstones, ceramics and metal polishing as well as optical and metallurgical applications.
    Thanks to GAF technology, slurries based on Liquid Diamond produce surfaces free from scratches caused by diamond agglomerates. Liquid Diamond is the obvious choice for formulating slurries with diamond sizes in the submicron range.
    The product consists of diamond powder dispersed in de-ionized water in high concentrations. To form a finished slurry, Liquid Diamond is mixed with any suitable polishing liquid and additives. For applications sensitive to water, Liquid Diamond exists also in water-free, oil-based form.
    Liquid diamond is available in monocrystalline (MSY) and polycrystalline (DP) diamond types in all standard submicron sizes or tailor-made to customer specifications.

    Diprotex quality

     Guaranteed agglomerate-free (GAF) :

    A proprietary process guarantees that all diamond is dispersed in a single particle distribution, totally free of agglomerates. This helps avoid scratched surfaces and increases the yield of finished products.

     Lot-to-lot consistency :

    Liquid Diamond can be made to customer requirements with very tight specifications. Advanced process control maximizes lot-to-lot consistency.

     Easy slurry preparation :

    Liquid Diamond is used in place of dry diamond powder to mix diamond slurries. Just blend Liquid Diamond with other slurry components – done. The critical and time-consuming wetting and dispersion of diamond powder is no longer necessary. No special equipment is needed, and slurry preparation time can be reduced considerably.

     Reduce cost :

    The simple slurry preparation saves time and money and yet increases the quality of the polished work piece.

    Liquid diamond / diamond slurry / diamond slurries

  • Diamond Slurries / Suspensions

    Diamond Slurries / Suspensions

    In today’s sensitive processes, an increasing number of users prefer ready-to-use diamond suspensions from Diprotex to their self-made slurry. While the traditional way of mixing diamond powder into some carrier liquid or paste provides acceptable results in many applications, the full potential of diamond abrasives is exploited only in carefully engineered slurries and suspensions. Diprotex slurries and suspensions are tailored to the specific requirements of each application, aiming for maximum effectiveness and reproducible results. The bottom line is reduced process cost and constant, high quality.

    We offer a wide range of watersoluble or oil-based carriers tailored to your specific application. Viscosities range from very low viscosity fluids to pastes. Any size and type of diamond can be used as abrasive, including GAF (guaranteed agglomerate-free) diamond products.

    Put our long-standing expertise in slurrymaking to the test. Contact us for the configuration of a diamond suspension for your specific application and requirements.